How to Successfully Consign with us


We are as invested in your consignment pieces as you are. We request that you send photos ahead of time with the most information possible to 501-478-9095

We appreciate knowing the dimensions in advance and any additional information you know about the items you would like to consign. 


Images of the item(s) will be reviewed to determine if we would be your best option. If so, we will discuss delivery to the store and do research to arrive at a fair price for your items.


After we have determined which item(s) we can sell for you, we will work on scheduling your delivery date to ConsignDesign. Although we have 9,000 square feet at the store, it is important that we know when the item(s) are coming to ensure that we are prepared ahead of time.


Once the 120 day contract is signed we require that you remove any item(s) listed online while they are for sale at ConsignDesign.


Consigner split is 50/50. You are welcome to call and inquire about the status of your item(s) at any time. 

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